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Airport Runway Renovations

Repair work to temporarily close one of Palma's runways

I'm no airport expert, but I reckon I can safely say that the most important aspect of any airport's facilities is it's runway. Let's face it, if you're piloting tons of high speed aircraft hurtling towards the ground, you'd want a nice long flat piece of tarmac to land on wouldn't you? It's certainly number one on my wish list every time I board a plane as a passenger!

Well the time has come, after thousands and thousands of successful take-offs and landings, to renew the surface of Palma Airport's southern runway. The timing is perfect as the airport is entering one its least busy periods – just after summer and just before Christmas – when there are less flights than normal and disruption, if any, will be minimal.

palma airport

During the three week renovation period which starts today, all aircraft will use the northern runway so that passengers will hardly notice any difference to their journey. Costing over €6 million, the work involves completely tearing up the old surface of the runway and replacing it with a new one which meets new stringent levelling regulations and because of its surface texture improves the 'friction coefficient' to make take-off and landing easier.

I'm all for that and I can't wait to test it out on my next holiday to Mallorca in December, and thanks to Google maps for the loan of the photo which clearly shows the two runways.