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Christmas is coming to Mallorca

Palma's Christmas illuminations from 3rd December

Here's an early warning that Christmas, if you didn't already know, is approaching fast. Here in Mallorca, like nearly everywhere else in the Christian world, the festive season is celebrated with lots and lots of special events; free concerts, markets, nativity scenes, and of course the annual frantic, frenzied shopping spree for presents.

Obviously the best place to see one of the season's lovliest traditions, the Christmas illuminations is the island's capital and biggest city, Palma. The council has just announced that the big switch on for their extensive system of festive lights will be on Friday 3rd December.

No details have been revealed, but the format is that some celebrity throws the switch and we all ooh, aaahh and cheer. However this year there's been a bit of controversy as the small shopkeepers' association wanted to bring the big switch on forward by one week to tie in with the long running tradition, this must be a least the second, or even third year that we've had it, of Black Friday.

Anyway, the council have politely said no to the shopkeepers, citing reasons of security for the decision and the lights will go on as planned in December. I'm no fan of Christmas, but I really do find Palma's illuminations quite magical, and I'll certainly be out and about on the yuletide streets on December evenings this year.

Should you get the chance, go and soak up the atmosphere, it's quite relaxing compared to many places at Christmas.