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Cycling Mallorca: Six Day final for Palma

Palma will host the final of the European Six Day championships

If you like Mallorca, and you like cycling, then you'll lap up this next piece of information; the final of the new Six Day Series will take place in Palma on 17th March 2017! For those of us not in the know, the Six Day competitions are an exciting, all action version of the sport which take place on an oval track where we spectators can see all the action without the need for a helicopter!

Six Day cycling is an old sport which started in the UK and became extremely popular in the States where it picked up much of its razzamatazz with lots of entertainment, food and drink as part of the event. The name Six Day comes from the fact that events last for six days and nowadays tend to take place during the evening and consist of lots of different competitions happening throughout.

Here's an explanation from the official website


A Six Day race is an elite track cycling competition featuring some of the world’s best professional riders. Six Day events also offer a unique, party like atmosphere, providing great music and entertainment as a backdrop to the drama on the track.

The Competition

Teams of two riders fight tooth and nail over six consecutive evenings.

Each evening, there are multiple races across a variety of sprint and endurance disciplines.

In some disciplines it is possible for teams to lap the field. This is known as ‘taking a lap’. Taking laps lifts a team up the overall standings.

As well as trying to take laps, teams also race to accumulate points in each discipline. These are vital to establish the overall lead, known as the ‘general classification’.

The team that has taken the most laps on the rest of the field will lead the general classification, but should teams find themselves on the same number of laps then the number of points will decide who wins.”

So, the road to Palma features 4 different meetings; London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Copenhagen and the top 12 overall will go through to the final which takes place on only one night! Described as road racing's noisy neighbour, the sport is fast and exciting, with thrills and spills galore with the crowd on the edge of their seats throughout. It's the sport which has made the world's most famous cyclist, Sir Bradley Wiggins think twice about retiring this year so that he has a chance of competing in his 'second home,' Mallorca.

The details of the event times and tickets have not yet been formalised but keep an eye on the official website (thanks for the photo and video) for details.