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Gastro Mallorca – Burger challenge

Man v giant burger in Cala Ratjada

Lovers of the Michelin star restaurants we reported on last week look away now as today we're talking about a good ol' US of A type challenge which pits man against food in a Homeresque challenge in downtown Cala Ratjada. One of its typically Spanish bars, Castellet, has gone all American, thanks to a group of pals watching a football match (and probably drinking lots of beer) that the owner should whip up a giant burger for them to share.

Such was the enormity of the monstrous meat dish that was created, that the fertile minds involved decided to issue the man v meat challenge. It's a simple idea; anyone who can polish off the burger in just 45 consecutive minutes wins €300 and doesn't have to pay for the €30 meal. However there's a catch because the burger in question is a 2 kilo man-eater and the task is easier said than done.

giant burger challenge

Each 'dinoburger' consists of 1 kilo of minced meat together with cheese, bacon, lettuce, onion and tomato, all on a giant bun and served up with delicious chips (that's French fries if you're reading in Cheney, Kansas) which all adds up to 2 kilos of fantastic food. Eat it and walk away from the table without the aid of an ambulance crew and you get the cash!

Nobody's won it yet after 6 months of trying! Last week a couple of professionals from Valencia, Jorge and Esteban, arrived to give it a go. Now Jorge really fancied his chances after spending some time in Wisconsin where he developed a penchant for this type of competition and changed his name to Joe Burgerchallenge.

Sadly Joe must have filled up on bread just before taking on the Castellet burger as he couldn't quite finish it in time though he did say that given another 10 minutes he would have cleaned the plate!

Fancy having a go, Cafe Castellet is in the lovely resort of Cala Ratjada and you can find all its details on the Facebook page from where I sourced our photos. My tip would be to share it with a gang of your mates!

Bon Profit