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Mallorca people pressure

Maxed out August in the Balearics

If you were in Mallorca this year, then you won't need a statistician to tell you it was quite busy. However you may just be interested to hear just how busy it was and when, courtesy of the figures just published by the Balearic Islands Institute of Statistics.

They maintain a measure of how many people are here called and Index of Human Pressure and it reached boiling point – as you'd expect – in August this year when more people than ever were on our islands at the same time. Yes, the month that sees, the annual holidays of the French, Italians, Germans, Spanish and British (and more) had on its busiest day, 9th August, 2,036,132 people all vying for space in the four Balearic islands.

crowded beach, mallorca

That's more than 2015 when the busiest day, the 10th, had 2,010,520 people all on board at the same time and throughout August 2016, there were an average of 1,968, 212 people per day on the islands.

In fact every month this year has seen an increase over previous years as Mallorca has experienced record numbers of tourists due to the problems in the formerly competative holiday destinations of the Middle East and North Africa and despite the introduction of the so called Ecotax and the fall in the value of the Pound against the Euro due to Brexit jitters.

A survey of the local population in Mallorca – a kind of cost/benefit analysis if you will, showed that the vast majority of Mallorcans experienced the disadvantages of having so many tourists – crowded roads, packed beaches, strains on public transport and so on – but all thought it was worth it for the benefits brought to the economy and job market by the tourists.

A good example of this is that many hotels which normally close for several months in the off season, will only close for an average of 10 weeks this winter, such is the demand for accommodation on the island, which as we know, has plenty to do in the winter when it's not quite lying on the beach weather.

So, let's hope that lots of people come next year, but not too many!