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Big spending tourists

Mallorca benefits from increase in tourist numbers

There's no doubt that tourism is a major sector and proportion of the Spanish economy as a whole and is even more important in certain regions of Spain where it is a vital part of the economy. It's good news this week, as if we didn't know already, that tourist figures, visitors and spending, are up all over the country.

Spain's National Institute of Statistics has just published the figures for the first ten months of the year, and already the total for the entire 12 months of last year has been surpassed. The figures show that foreign visitors to the country have spent 69 thousand million Euros so far, more than the 67 thousand million in 2015!

tourists in mallorca

Mallorca and the Balearic region are benefiting from the increased numbers as almost 20% of this total – nearly 13,000 million – was spent here! Other interesting snippets from the figures show that the biggest spenders of all are the British, who despite the low post Brexit value of the pound, are not only continuing to visit Spain, but are actually spending more than before having obviously adopted my wife's mantra of 'spend your way out of a financial crisis.'

The other salient statistic is that fewer and fewer people are booking package holidays – around 67% of us are exercising our freedom of choice to book exactly the holiday that we want by combining flights with the budget or other airlines and finding the accommodation we want on sites like Mallorca Spotlight.

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Happy holidays!