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Mallorca airport: Passenger number 26,000,000

The biggest year in the airport's history!

If you've been on holiday in Mallorca this year you'll probably have noticed that there were a 'few' more tourists out and about than usual. An extremely popular tourist destination already, the draw for visitors increased because of the perceived safety of Mallorca as compared to more volatile destinations in North Africa and the Middle East.

Despite other factors like Brexit and the fall of the £, visitors continued to pour onto the island all through the busy summer season when of course August was the busiest month. Tourists continue to arrive, as the latest figures from the airport show, though only 3% of the annual total arrive in this month, December.

mallorca airport in december

Last week the 26 millionth passenger this year arrived at Palma airport. The lucky man had flown all the way from Menorca and was presented with a couple of free tickets on Air Nostrum (Iberia's regional airline) and a bouquet of flowers. With a few days to go, it means that 2016 will be the biggest year ever in the airport's history by a long way.

Now, remember that 26 million passengers doesn't mean 26 m tourists, it means about 13 m people, as most of us arrive and depart! Subtract the journeys made by local people from that and you'll get an idea of how many tourists arrived in Mallorca....still a lot!

Here's a few stats about us provided by the airport;

we are: 51% Male, 49% female

we come from: 11 % Balearics, 13% Spain, 76% other

we travel for: 84% Holidays, 16% other

our age is: 14% under 15, 29% 15 – 29, 41% 30 – 49, 13% 50 – 64, 3% over 64

I took a few snaps when I was in the airport last week and as you can see, the Winter scenario is much more relaxed than summer – it's an absolute breeze checking in, going through security and browsing the shops, why, you can even find a seat!

See you all in Mallorca next year?