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Palma political ping pong

To Mallorca, or not to Mallorca

Mallorca's capital city has changed its name once again! As of this week the city is now officially called 'Palma' plain and simple having lost its 'de Mallorca' add on. For the last four years it has been resplendent in its full, Sunday best nomenclature of Palma de Mallorca but now is back to its original Roman name of Palma.

So why so many name changes? Politics is the answer, as the city first came to be called de Mallorca during the nationalistic Franco era, and about ten years ago, the then socialist ruling party of Palma declared that there was no need for the full name, citing cultural, political and historical reasons.

Then when the socialists were turfed out of office and the right wing PP party returned to power, so did the de Mallorca name! Now the socialists are back and the name has changed again. So, Palma it is for the foreseeable future, until the PP are voted back in as they have promised to change the name yet again as soon as they can.

Confused? Aren't we all? Still at least the road-sign makers will be happy.