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Palma WiFi for all

Biggest free network in Europe almost fnished

Remember when going abroad on holiday was like going to the moon? Back in the day when you got a free meal on the plane, a rep to ensure you got off the coach at the right hotel and your only contact with the outside world was after waiting in a 40 minute queue for a public phone somewhere for 30 seconds of expensive, snatched conversation.

Back then, if you were really lucky, your postcards home arrived about a week after your return, just in time to pick up your out of focus, over exposed holiday snaps from the chemist which somehow cut off several of your extremities in each and every photo.

Nowadays we're just so much more savvy in the world, in touch with what's happening and our other phone slinging friends through the magic of WiFi so they know as much about our holidays as we do. Here in Palma, the city, aided by Mallorcawifi (a private tech company) is currently constructing the biggest free city WiFi network in all Europe, and it's almost finished.

wifi transmitter

The project is now 90% complete and has 283 connection points which give coverage over vast areas of the centre Palma, the Paseo Maritimo and the resort of Playa de Palma. Mallorcawifi isn't stopping there though as it has ambitions to provide 500 connection points to make Palma's WiFi zone one of the biggest in the world!

Stats from the first 10 months of the year show

24.5 million connections from 8.5 million devices

35% of users are Spanish, 65% foreign

64.7 web pages have been visited

25.2 million minutes of video have been watched

56 million photos uploaded to Facebook

13.7 million songs listened to

Phew, haven't we been busy?

How on earth did we manage before the Internet? I suppose the only advantage in the good old days of holidaymaking was that we would have had absolutely no idea of all the bad things happening in the outside world; war, famine, disease, plagues of frogs, your latest electricity bill, and celebrities dropping like flies!

Oh, on the upside, you can consult Mallorca Spotlight for all your holiday needs!