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The water in Mallorca

It rained.

It rained a bit last weekend. Actually, it rained quite a lot, bucketing down in torrents for what seemed like days on end. As usual such large amounts of water in so little time caused chaos everywhere – flooded roads, overflowing torrents, traffic accidents – and high winds blew trees down and a massive lightning storm which lasted a whole day caused lots of damage.

There is, however, a good side to all this, especially if you're a kid. Schools closed completely in many areas – certain towns were completely cut off by rainwater – and some have given up any hope of opening before the Christmas break so the kids all have an extra long holiday. Parents are reported to be overjoyed.

gorg blau

The real benefit is that the big reservoirs where much of the island's water supply is stored are actually beginning to fill up! The two giant lakes doubled their volume of water from Friday to Monday, and that's a lot of water. Both reservoirs are now around 70% full, with the Cuber lake increasing its depth by 3.27 metres and Gorg Blau (photo) by 5.83 metres. Incredible when you realise that this time last year, both were only full to 28% of their capacity.

Apparently, this has been the wettest December for many a year, though this is mainly because all the water fell in the last few days. The week before was warm and sunny, and the forecast for today and the next few days is sunny and clear for Christmas, so if you're coming on holiday you'll be able to enjoy a hike round Gorg Blau.