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Almond Blossom Fair VIII

Son Servera becomes almond central

If it's January, it must be almond blossom time in Mallorca. The fields on the central plain of the island are literally covered in thousands upon thousands of almond trees which light up with pinky white blossom around this time every year. It really is a beautiful and inspirational sight to behold.

almond trees

As well as this aesthetic value, the trees also have much more importance to the country folk who grow them, because they produce what are the best almonds in the world. The warm dry Mediterranean climate here means that the almonds themselves have a much higher fat content (in a good way) than almonds from other places and have a flavour all of their own. They are eaten roasted or salted, and also used to make milk, flour, soap, cosmetics, perfume, candles, and my favourite – almond liqueur!

To celebrate the almond's use and versatility, there's a special fair on next week in Son Servera where all the products are grown and made in Mallorca using traditional artisanal methods.

The Almond Blossom Fair takes place on Sunday 5th February from 09:30 until 14:30. It's being held in a wonderful setting, the grounds of a 13th century manor house, Ca s'Herau near the centre of the village and is absolutely free to get in. There, you'll find a large number of food booths related to almond tasting, organic cosmetics and perfume, creams and soaps, handicrafts made of wood or almond blossoms, almond scented candles, and a variety of local products.

There's also a display of old agricultural machinery, folk music and dancing, and of course you get to drive through miles and miles of beautiful blooming almond trees to get there!