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The art of Mallorca

Beautiful artwork to promote the island

The big travel trade fair Fitur is coming up in Madrid when almost anyone who is anyone in the tourist industry gets together to show off their wares and attract customers. Quite naturally the Mallorcan authorities are always there doing their best to drum up trade by showing everything the island has to offer aided by plenty of audio visual displays.

This year they've departed from the norm and will be using a series of graphic design type artwork rather than photographs to illustrate everything good about Mallorca and I think the ones I've seen so far are really, really good.

They're all produced by local artists – local by birth or inclination – and represent a complete break from the norm, described as 'rupturista' by tourist bosses. The artists featured are Max, Bartolomé Seguí, Guillem March, Pere Joan, Rafel Vaquer, Pau, Alex Fito, Tatum, Margalida Vinyes, Enriqueta Llorca and Gonzalo Aeneas, all well renowned in the 'comic' world.

It's expected that the artwork will show not only the beauty of Mallorca but also that it's a destination for culture related to art. After Fitur, Mallorca's stand and artwork will be visiting the trade fairs in London and Berlin where the drawings will be used on giveaways like calendars, bags and other little presents for visitors.

I really like the artwork's style which has a simple, colourful, nostalgic feel to it, rather like the famous railway posters for resorts in Britain during the inter war years. Have a look at the little gallery I've managed to put together and see what you think.