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Palma Celebrations changing?

NYE in the Borne again 

Palma's official celebrations for the New Year's Eve and the Three Kings have been a little different this year. Instead of being official welcomed at the town hall, which is undergoing renovations to its magnificent roof, the official ceremonies to let in the new year and the arrival of the Three Kings (tonight 5th January) have been held in the Paseo del Borne with the Casal Solleric substituting for the town hall.

paseo del borne, palma

The change of venue has worked so well – it's bigger, holds more people, and is easier to clear in an emergency – that the council wants to make the change permanent. Eva Frade, boss of the Citizens Participation department, wants to throw open the decision to a public vote using the council's website as long as the plan is supported by the police and fire services who are responsible for security.

The plan is a fine example of common sense and practicality over riding years of tradition so well done to Ms Frade. In another possible change to tradition, this time thousands of years' worth, Ms Frade is also proposing a change of Orwellian proportions worthy of Monty Python's Life of Brian.

She reckons that for the sake of equality, one of the Three Kings - Melchor, Gaspar or Baltasar – should actually be a Queen! Yes, the three wise men, who trekked for days on camels across deserts, mountains, seas and the frozen wastes of the Arctic, following yonder star were actually two wise men and a wise woman!

If Ms Frade (People's Front of Palma, not to be confused with the Palma People's Front and most certainly not the Palma Popular People's Front) has her way, the new Queen will be installed in the 2018 parade.

Which do you prefer, equality or tradition?