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Palma's big BBQ night

200 BBQs for San Sebastian

Tonight's the night. It's the eve of San Sebastian day, the big fiesta when thousands and thousands of peole take to the streets and plazas of Palma to eat, drink, dance, listen to live music and generally have a good time. Now, as we mentioned in our recent article about the whole couple of weeks of fiesta, the big night is marked by lots of BBQing and here are the stats.

The council are distributing no less than 200 large BBQs and over 17 tonnes of firewood to fuel them around the city. Amongst these there'll be 70 situated in the 8 main squares used for live entertainment where anyone attending can take along steaks, burgers, sausages, chicken or whatever and cook their own food on the grill. If you're vegetarian or vegan, fear not, because 11 of the BBQs have been set aside for your use and no meat shall touch them!

Naturally, because it's a big night with lots of people and perhaps some alcohol, the council have also drafted in lots of extra police, firemen and civil protection volunteers to help out with safety aspects of the party.

Here, once again is the entertainment schedule for tonight if you fancy popping along and joining in

Plaza Major

(folk, ball de bot and música en catalán)

20.10h: Dragon, big heads and giants

20.30h: Al-Mayurqa

21.45h: Música Nostra

23h: Oques Grasses

0.45h: Boc

Plaza de Joan Carles I

(rock, indie and heavy)

21h: Salvatge Cor

22h: Dinamo

23.15h: Efecto Pasillo

1h: Obús

Plaza de Espanya

(pop and electrónica)

21h: Alambres

21.45h: Búhos

23h: Please

0h: Smoking Stones (photo)

1.30h: DJ Juan Campos + Txema Sánchez

Plaza de la Reina

(flamenco, rumba and sevillanas)

21h: Tom Trovador

22.15h: Rumba Katxai

23.30h: José el Francés

0.45h: Camela

Plaza de Santa Eulàlia


21.30h: DJ Óscar Romero

23h: Pere Janer

0.30h: DJ Paula Serra

Calle Jacint Verdaguer, junto al Pont des Tren

(blues, pop and pop-rock)

21h: Hattori Hanzo Surf Experience

22.15h: La Barraca Sound System

23.30h: Siniestro Total

1.15h: 2 pájaros a tiro (tributo a Serrat y Sabina)

Plaza Porta de Santa Catalina (jazz, swing, soul and reggae)

21.30h: Monkey Doo

22.45h: Soul Café

0h: Jazz Fingers

1.15h: Maria Rosselló i els botifanfarrons

Plaza del Olivar

(world music)

22h: Xanguito

23.15h: Marga Rotger

0.30h: Kepa Junkera & Sorginak

Have a great time.