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Mallorca, the white island.

The mass of Polar air which brought plunging temperatures to northern Europe briefly visited Mallorca when yesterday many parts of the island were blanketed in lovely pure white snow. Unsurprisingly the coldest temperatures experienced were in the north west of the island in the Tramuntana mountain range where up to 20 cms of snow carpeted the ground and the mercury dropped to five below zero in places like Lluc.

snow in cappuccino valldemossa

Obviously on an island which is unaccustomed to really cold weather and snow, a certain amount of chaos was caused with around 8 roads completely closed and others needing snow chains to pass by. Soller was cut off as the tunnel had to close due to a combination of snow and a broken down bus, whilst around 300 motorists were trapped on the road to Valldemossa, so deep was the snow. They were there for hours until a snow plough arrived to clear the road and as you can see from the photo of Cappuccino in Valldemossa, it was quite deep.

The last time it snowed so hard, a few years ago, the roads in the mountains were blocked – not by snow, but the sheer numbers of cars bringing people to see and play in the snow. However, the silent beauty of the snow didn't bring happiness to all with thousands of school children deprived of their education as teachers were given a duvet day. Happy parents were obviously elated to spend some unexpected time with their sons and heirs.

Today, the temperatures, have risen a little and reached levels officially described as 'big coat weather' by the meteorological boffins and, don't worry, are predicted to reach around 30 degrees centigrade by August! It'll be here before we know it.