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Soller train boom

Record year for the train and trams

Despite a longer annual closure than usual for essential repair and maintenance work, the Soller train and tram system has posted record passenger numbers in 2016. As we know the rail system had to have a major overhaul as the tunnels through the mountains had experienced some land slippage due to the extremely dry conditions.

However, despite only ten months of usage numbers on the system were almost 2 million, 9% more than the previous year! The little old tram from Soller to Puerto de Soller carried almost 1.2 million people and the train around 0.8 million, figures which the train company attribute to the increase in tourism on the island and the extra number of trams on the route.

The repair works in the tunnels have been going on since last November and are progressing well, and during these period locomotive engineers have taken the opportunity to service both trains and trams so they are in peak condition for the reopening on 6th February.

Like many of the heritage railways I've been on, the Soller system really is a nostalgic trip back into the halcyon days of rail and many of the engines and carriages are genuinely over 100 years old with lots of original brass and wood features. Not only is it worth a trip just to experience the ride, but it actually goes to somewhere really nice, Soller and its port are just so lovely, and totally different to the rest of the resorts on the island – just take a look at our photo gallery of trains, trams, the port and Soller.