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Adios to the police pony Trempat

Patter of tiny hooves in horsey heaven

The local police of Palma announced some sad news last week when they revealed that one of the most well loved and respected members of the force had sadly passed away. It was little 'Trempat,' a tiny pony who had been a member of the mounted police department of Palma for 25 years.

trempat the police pony

His work, being so tiny, obviously did not involve carrying burly coppers on his back, but ceremonial duties as the mascot of the division, taking part in all the important parades and fiestas held in the city. A favourite of the police officers themselves, citizens, and of course children he will be missed by all as he gambols freely in horsey heaven.

The police announced his passing thus, “the pony Trempat, an animal loved by all has left us. Though an animal of small stature, since his first day in the force, he earned the love of everybody.”

Awww, isn't it sad? Gallop free Trempat, we'll miss you.