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Cala Varques shuttle buses

Hurrah for the Ecotax

I was sceptical about the impact of the so called Ecotax when it was introduced last year, but here's an example of it being put to good use. The very, very beautiful, almost unspoilt beach of Cala Varques will be protected from the ravages of too much traffic this year as a fleet of small shuttle buses will ferry beach users back and forth from a designated parking spot some way from the golden sands.

cala varques

This scheme is part of a programme by the Mallorca Consell, financed by the Ecotax, to incentivise public transport and reduce the number of private cars used to get people to some of Mallorca's most beautiful beach areas and thus preserve them for the future. Costing around €1.4 million, the beaches to benefit are; Formentor, Muro, Son Real, Mondragó and es Trenc.

You may remember that es Trenc became a pilot scheme for this project last year – and a very successful one at that – and my article will give you some idea of how the Cala Varques one will work. At the moment nothing has been decided about the cost, frequency, or times and places of the service but there's plenty of time left to sort all that out before summer(!!??)

As we know, the problem of preserving pristine beaches in their unspoilt state, which makes them so attractive, has been a local authority headache for some time now. My article – Preserve Cala Varques – explains what has been happening.

Let's hope that the scheme is in place and works extremely well in the summer, as Cala Varques (photo) is a superb beach and deserves the best treatment possible.