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Giselle in Palma

The St Petersburg Festival Ballet come to town

For one night only the St Petersburg Festival Ballet are in town to perform Giselle at the Palma Auditorium on the city's Paseo Maritimo sea front road. The company of 42 dancers, nearly all from the St Petersburg area of Russia, carry on a great tradition in performing this particular ballet, as its traditional choreography derives primarily from that of the Imperial Ballet in St. Petersburg.

st petersburg festival ballet

Giselle is a romantic ballet first perfored in 1841, set in the Rhineland of the middle ages and whose protagonist is a peasant girl called Giselle. She's in love, but discovers that the object of her affections is betrothed to another, and as was common in those days and romantic ballets, dies of a broken heart.

Now, deep in the forrest hatred to 50% of mankind – the male 50% - is simmering, courtesy of the Wilis, a gang of man hating spirits of young virgins who died before thay had a chance to get married, so no wonder thay are mad. The kind of girls who these days grow up to have about a dozen cats, they gain their unearthly power by careful synchronised dancing and standing still in awkward poses, and use this to raise Giselle from the grave.

In one quick sentence, there's a lot of dancing that now goes on to show the Wilis trying to kill Giselle's heart-throb, she persuades them not to, he lives, she dies again, and that's the end!

Can you tell I've seen it? It really is interesting, once you've willingly suspended your disbelief, and the Wilis' performance is particualrly mesmerising. Oh and the music is great too!

Seriously, if you've never seen a ballet, go an have a look, at €38 for a ticket it's really great value and well worth a night out. The date for your diary is 8th March at 21:00 at the Auditorium and you can book tickets online by clicking on the link.