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Little ole' wine drinkers us

We love our wine in the Balearics

Did you know that Spain is the third biggest wine producer in the world? Behind only Italy and France, Spain's 4059 wine companies produced 37.8 million hectolitres in 2016 which will help to consolidate it as the world's biggest exporter of wine, way in front of France and Italy.

macia batle wine

In terms of drinking, Spain is only ranked ninth in the world for consumption – I imagine that countries with larger populations consume more – as we spend €500 million a year on wine. Now here's the interesting part; it seems that here in Mallorca and the Balearic Islands in general we drink more per person than any other region in Spain!

Based on our tiny population's consumption, the statisticians of the EAE Business School have magically calculated that each man, woman and child in the Balearics knocks back 26 bottles every year! Obviously there are lies, damn lies and statistics so we can probably discount many people under the age of say 15 enjoying a nice fruity Ribera del Duero or perhaps a nice oaky reserva from La Rioja. Take into account the help we get from the millions and millions of tourists we get each year and it would seem we're not really big boozers after all!

Anyway, if you fancy giving us a hand with a bottle or two, try to sample some of Mallorca's very own, and very good wines. My sample photos are from Macia Batle, whose bodega you can visit, but there are many more whose wines you'll find in delis, supermarkets and specialist wine shops.

Salut i força al canut!