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Mallorca's fabulous olive oil up

Lots and lots of lovely olive oil

The olive oil producers of Mallorca have just announced that they've produced the highest levels of oil in 12 years. The collective of small producers of olive oil which forms the Denomination of Origin (just like wine) of Olive Oil of Mallorca say that last years harvest produced just less than 279 thousand litres of Mallorca's gold gold.

harvesting olives in mallorca

What's behind these figures is – according to the agriculture minister Vicenç Vidal – the key to marketing and export of the product; quality and differentiation. In other words the quality of the oil is superb and (again like wine) it is unique because the soil, climate, and different varieties of olives, whether used alone or blended, make the oil produced like no other.

The 28% increase in production together with the high quality and taste of the oil has enabled it to break boundaries – over 66 thousand litres left the Balearics for Spain and Europe, mostly Germany and Belgium, and bodes well for the future.

Production units in Mallorca are small and quite personal and its possible to visit the olive presses and buy direct from the producers. Most of the oils are available in the many deli shops around Mallorca and the well designed bottles and labels make great souvenirs or presents to take home.

My tip, if you're travelling by air with a limited luggage allowance and tight security measures with liquids, is to buy a bottle or two at Palma airport's duty free shop.

Our photos courtesy of the Mallorca Olive Oil website