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Palma Airport name change?

Ramon Llull Internnational Airport, Palma-Mallorca

The island council (Consell) of Mallorca wants to change the name of Palma airport so that it reflects not only Mallorca's reputation as a thoroughly modern destination, but also its cultural and historic past.

Members of the Consell have obviously noted some famously named airports throughout the world – Leonardo da Vinci in Rome, Amerigo Vespucci in Florence, and the more modern John Lennon in Liverpool, Louis Armstrong in New Orleans and who could forget Federico Fellini in Rimini – and want to replicate this here in Palma.

ramon llull

So, the name they've come up with for Palma's airport is Ramon Llull, who is quite well known amongst Catalan scholars in the Balearics for his deeds, thoughts and writings over 700 years ago. If you're unfamiliar with him, here's a brief synopsis of his life; he lived in 13th century Mallorca and was a bit of a lad who enjoyed lashings of wine, women and song – all at the same time if possible – until he had a vision from God which changed his life completely, becoming a monk and then writer, poet, theologian, mystic, mathematician, logician, and martyr.

In fact the 700th anniversary of his death was marked last year with various cultural events, and for those interested, his death was as a result of a stoning, administered by a group of less than willing Tunisian Muslim converts to Christianity!

However the name change will require the permission and goodwill of Palma council, Parliament, the Government and presumably the National Airports Authority before it can be enacted. The idea has already caused some controversy, with opponents pointing out that 90% of passengers into Mallorca will not only never have heard of Llull, but also none of them will be able to pronounce his name!

What do you think, good idea or not?