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Soller – French hotel empire grows

Grand Hotel owners buy Aimia and Alcazar

The new French owners of Soller town's grandest hotel, the Grand, have now added to their property portfolio by buying another hotel and the town's dilapidated and abandoned cinema, the Alcazar.

The new owners are the French group of industrial companies Sermeta, headed by the super rich businessman Joseph Le Mer. They bought the Grand Hotel last January and it is widely believed that by buying the neighbouring old cinema, that they will add to its appeal and marketability by converting the large building into luxury apartments as additional accommodation for the hotel.

Built in 1933 and originally called the Kursaal, it was the first cinema in Soller – there were many at the time, even some outdoor ones – to have a panoramic screen able to show films made in cinemascope. With a large capacity for upto 1100 people it also hosted plays and concerts on its stage but closed for good in 1996.

The other purchase made by Sermeta is the fully functioning Hotel Aimia just down the road in Puerto de Soller. This family owned hotel is a superb example of just how a bog standard 70's package tour hotel can be transformed into a modern establishment with a more discerning clientele in mind.

I've stayed there myself and thoroughly enjoyed everything about the hotel, with its superb position in the centre of the resort, stylish décor, comfortable rooms and a cool bar where a drink doesn't cost the earth. I think the few photos in our gallery illustrate just how good it is.

At present, Sermeta haven't revealed any plans for the Aimia, but my advice would be to leave it as it is or 'don't fix it if it ain't broken!'

Both the Grand and Aimia can be booked online with just a few mouseclicks – just hit the links to learn more.