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Soller train back on the tracks

But residents lose discount

The old expression that every solver lining has a black cloud has certainly rung true in the case of the Soller train. After a longer than usual lay off for essential repairs to the long tunnel roofs the train makes its first journey from Palma to Soller today.

soller train passenger

A must see or must do on the Mallorca tourist map, the train makes its old style journey much as it did at its inception in 1912. For lovers of heritage railways, the spectacular Mallorcan countryside and the architecturally pleasing town of Soller and its holiday resort port, the train is a lovely way to spend some time and makes the journey as worthwhile as the destination.

So, bouquets to the train company for getting the maintenance and repair work done on time and the locomotives running again. Brickbats, however go to a German citizen, who felt it unfair that whilst tourists pay the full price for the journey, local residents receive a discount. He complained to the European Union who decided that the discount discriminated against tourists on grounds of nationality and could no longer be offered!

Fortunately, in practice, I don't think the loss of discount will affect that many people as the train does not provide a competitive service for those travelling to and from work, being slower, less frequent and more expensive than the bus, but it's a shame that people who live and work here will have to pay more to enjoy one of their own island's nicest attractions.

What do you think?