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Donkey work in Arta

Forestry on four legs

The council in Arta is employing an age old method to keep trees and foliage in the borough well trimmed, neat and tidy. Instead of using teams of men with lots of noisy labour saving machines, they've used a herd of donkeys to munch their way through the untidy and overgrown areas in both urban and rural settings.

donkeys in arta

It's a win win situation for everybody. The donkeys who are all from the Natura Parc animal foundation get a day out and a good feed, the council get a nice clean and tidy town, and someone gets a job caring for the equine team.

post donkey arta

As you can see from our before and after pictures taken near the San Salvador sanctuary, the donkeys have done a marvellous job. However, their work is not just for aesthetic purposes, as they also clean up the torrents, the dry water courses which channel away rain or melted snow water in winter. Without being kept clean, these channels could easily block and cause dangerous flooding.

So well done to the donkeys, not only are they adorable, but they're doing a great job. Keep and eye out for them if you are in the lovely town of Arta – one of my personal favourites – for a visit or the weekly market on Tuesday.