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Mallorca wine in the Daily Mail

4 Kilos 2014 'vibrant and stunning'

I confess, I read (past tense) the Daily Mail, but only in the interests of journalistic research, as their wine writer Olly Smith had contributed an article about some excellent Spanish wines from lesser known regions. Obviously my attention was grabbed by a mention of an excellent wine from here in Mallorca, known as Majorca to Mail readers and good for the sound alliteration 'Majestic Majorca' by Smith.

He raved about 4 Kilos 2014, saying '100 per cent Callet, this is a stunning red that's vibrant as orange peel and scented as violets,' which lucky Brits can buy at a mighty £34.50 per bottle! Luckier Brits who holiday in Mallorca can buy it here on the island for €28.50 which is still a hefty chunk of anyone's drinking budget, but well worth it as a treat for a special occasion – getting home from work for example?

4 kilos bodega

The wine gets its name from the amount of money invested by the bodega's founders Francesc Grimalt and Sergio Caballero when they started their business – 4 million pesetas = 4 kilos. The grape from which it is made, callet, is normally used to make Rose wine but also produces excellent red wine with a light, fruity flavour which is ideal to quaff with 'sobrassada, chicken livers fried in butter and mushroom roulade.'

Belonging to the Vino de la Tierra de Mallorca DO, only 16,000 bottles of the 2014 were made and they all benefit from an extra whoomph by soaking in oak barrels for 14 months before hitting the bottle. If you fancy hitting the bottle, you can buy 4 Kilos online in Spain by clicking this link – 4 Kilos 2014.