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Palma airport plan A

Full speed ahead to the future

You may recall that last year was an absolute record year for Palma Airport with over 26 million passengers (about 13 million people) passing through it on their journeys to and from Mallorca. Well, that figure looks set to increase by a large percentage if and when the plans by the Spanish National Airports Authority AENA come to fruition.

palma airport

They are planning to spend €297 million by 2021 to enlarge and increase nearly every aspect of the airport from the buildings, plane parking areas, control tower, security areas and passenger facilities so that the current capacity of the airport – 66 planes per hour – will be increased to 80!

It's a massive investment which has already commenced in some areas of the airport but has been questioned by Mallorca island government – mainly because nobody told them – who ask where all these extra visitors are going to stay with many hotels hanging up the 'no vacancies' signs already?

As a sign of things to come, the airport is now up and running to its full capacity with the reopening of Terminal A. Because of the very seasonal nature of tourism on the island, this terminal closes every November and reopens every March when the tourists, like swallows, come winging back to the island. Users will find a few improvements to the terminal, most notably in its climate control as all the glass in its curtain wall has been replaced with more efficient heat conducting/reducing glass.

Summer's on its way, have you booked your flights yet?