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Phew! What a scorcher

Mallorca hotter than normal

Have you ever noticed that whenever your northern European country has an infrequent blip in temperatures so that it isn't cold and raining for a couple of days every newspaper has a headline reading 'Yourtown is hotter than Mallorca!'?

Well, unless you live in Death Valley, then it's likely that Mallorca is hotter than Yourtown at the moment. Summer-like temperatures have arrived and the island, and its people, are basking in temperatures of 26 degrees centigrade at this very moment – heat more akin to June than March.

The weathermen say that we're currently experiencing temperatures around 8 to 10 degrees above normal and they are forecasting a fantastic weekend with highs of 26 today, 24 on Saturday and 23 on Sunday predicted! My forecast is for a couple of big washes whilst it's drying weather and two days hard labour in the garden.

sunny palma tree

If you are in Mallorca at the moment make the most of the beautiful weather and if you're not, just take a look at the photo of my palm tree I took a couple of minutes ago, it'll keep you going until summer.