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Mallorca beach monitoring

Focus on Cala Millor beach 

busy cala millor beach

The long and lovely beach of Cala Millor, one of Mallorca's much loved east coast resorts, is officially the most photographed beach in Spain! But it's not we tourists and visitors to the sandy sea shore who are doing all the snap shots, it's the boffins of SOCIB, the coastal observation department of the Balearic Islands.

With fixed cameras positioned at either end of the beach taking 4,500 photographs per day, every day of the year, the scientists at the observatory can build up a detailed picture of how the beach and coastline reacts to different external factors like weather and waves.

The equipment that SOCIB use for all the different types of monitoring; fixed cameras, boats at sea, video etc is amongst the most sophisticated in the world and rivals that used to monitor the beaches and coastline in Sydney and Oregon on the north Pacific coast of the USA.

Obviously because Mallorca is an island, and one that relies on beach tourism as a major part of its economy, then it's vital to preserve its natural assets. Knowing what has happened in the past is a good indicator of what will happen in the future given the same conditions – hence the careful collection of masses of data since 2011.

Mallorca Spotlight's award winning photographer Pete Young managed to capture some of the sand at Cala Millor one August and based on this data I can confidently predict that the beach will be packed again this August so get there early with your towel!