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Mallorca water sports: SUP

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

stand up paddle boards

Fancy a bash at getting out on to calm, crystal clear seas without splashing out wads of cash and not having to have the fitness levels of an Olympic athlete? Well SUP (stand up paddle boarding) could be just the pastime for you. It's the one where you just glide gracefully along, taking in the views, feeling the gently sea breezes across your temples and occasionally dipping your paddle in the clear, clear water.

Mallorca is blessed with the perfect summer conditions for SUP with warm weather and flat seas so it's no wonder that it is also blessed with a plethora of places to practise this popular pastime. I've picked out one company to highlight as it's slightly different to many others in that you can hire a board from them and they will deliver it free to anywhere on Mallorca!

Mallorca SUP Rental provides lightweight inflatable boards which fit in a backpack and of course come with all you'll require to get up and paddling – a pump, backpack and paddle. All you need to provide is the manpower. If you're a first time boarder, they'll include a quick lesson in the price or if you think you need more tuition, you can have a two hour 'beginner tour' at their base in Portals Nous.

Their website is full of useful information – what to wear, what to do if, what size board to hire (they come in three sizes) and so on. With prices starting at only €32 for a whole day's rental and cheaper day rates for longer periods, it's well worth a punt and gives you the freedom to launch into the sea wherever and whenever you want – just throw your board pack in the car and off you go!

Just have a look at this video to give you an idea of what it's all about, but just remember, you don't have to be young and hip to SUP, it's for all ages and levels, why, even I fancy a go now.