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Mercat 1930: New Food Hall for Palma

Mercado San Juan mark 2

A couple of years ago Mallorca joined the many places in Spain and around the world which have 'gastro markets' when the Mercado Gastronomico San Juan opened in Palma. Based just out of Palma city centre in the architecturally brilliant old slaughterhouse building, San Juan has been an unqualified success.

eating in san juan food hall

Based on the simple principle of social wining and dining, San Juan has a large hall ringed by food stalls set out market style, and a central area for eating and drinking. The choice of small, snacky type food is enormous, economically priced, and ideal for large groups as there is something for everybody. Add live music, DJs, exhibitions and you have a great evening out.

The only drawback for San Juan is that it is not on the tourist trail (though the open top tour bus does stop there nowadays) so if you don't know about it, you're unlikely to stroll past it on a trip to Palma. The good news for everybody is that one of its promoters is now involved with other businessmen to bring San Juan mark 2 to Palma city centre.

Mercat 1930 will open next year around Easter time on Palma's seafront Paseo Maritimo in the building that was the restaurant 1930 close to Tito's disco. The only details released so far are that it will house 14 'market' food stalls inside and I'm assuming that dining will be both inside and on the terrace.

The news of its opening has been received as a breath of fresh air and 'with open arms' by other bars and restaurants on the strip which have seen a steady decrease in trade over the last few years as the area has fallen out of favour with many people. They see the Mercat 1930 opening as bringing new life and vigour to the area which is easily reachable and visible to tourists.

I'm certainly looking forward to this new venture opening as having eaten in and enjoyed both San Juan and the Food Hall in Amsterdam (three nights on the bounce) recently, I can truthfully say that this style of dining is a great experience. Give it a try when it opens.

Photos courtesy of San Juan