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The Recycled Roundabout visits Mallorca

Fun for kids with a grown up message

Waste not want not is an expression that could be applied to a new fairground attraction visiting Palma at the moment as it is constructed almost entirely from materials thrown away by their former owners. It's a recycled cycling roundabout using only the pedal power of its maker Emiliano Matesanz to spin it round.

Parked up in the Parque del Mar in front of the cathedral until the 30th April, it's an attraction that is great fun for kids yet which delivers a salutary message for young and old – that if we wish to preserve our planet we should make more use of everything.

un carrusel de chatarra from Emiliano Matesanz on Vimeo.

Constructed from waste materials – old pots, pans, colanders, bike wheels, oil drums and the like – the carousel offers a voyage from 'scrap to the sky,' promising a sustainable voyage of 90 circuits of the sun in only 3 minutes for only €2! I actually think that might be an exaggeration, but if you're only 5 and flying along on an old oil drum, who cares?

I wonder if Emiliano shouts 'scream if you want to go faster,' as he's pedalling furiously for 3 minutes flat?