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Beer Palma festival

Beer from everywhere

beer palma drinkers

Lucky visitors to Mallorca still have until next Sunday, 7th May, to participate in one of the greatest activities known to man – sitting out in the sunshine sipping on a vast array of beers from all over the world with like minded people. Yes, it's the annual Beer Palma shindig which aims to promote the purchase of beer from Mallorca and also show what a fabulous place the island is for a holiday.

So, beloved by local people and tourists alike, Beer Palma's selection of over 100 beers has been pulling the punters in over the weekend, and who can blame them with so much choice at reasonable prices. It's dead easy, all the beers come in the same measure – 33cl – so just enough to form a good impression, but not enough to fill you up, leaving you plenty of room for more!

The prices range from €2 to €5 per measure and tapas are available at €2 to €4 and payment is made from a ticket card which can be bought on entry to the festy for just €1. As usual, it's taking place in the Parque del Mar recreation area in front of the Cathedral and is open from 11 to 22 on weekdays and 11 to 23 Friday to Sunday.


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