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Eurovision winner's Mallorca connection

Salvador Sobral lived in Mallorca

salvador sobral

I admit it, I never watch the Eurovision song contest, but I just can't avoid the news in all the papers the following day. Young Salvador Sobral brought the winner's medal home to Portugal for the first time in the history of the comp, a record winless run of 53 years.

No wonder there were rapturous scenes to welcome young Salvador 'home' to Lisbon on Sunday. I couldn't help thinking that his name sounded really familiar until today, when every newspaper in Mallorca has been boasting of his connection with the island.

It turns out that after he had been a finalist on the Portuguese version of Pop Idol and was studying at college, he visited Palma on an Erasmus student package and decided to stay. Studying by day, he earned money for several years by singing in many of the bars, venues and hotels of the city and all over Mallorca, eventually with his own Jazzy quartet.

You may have unwittingly seen him at your hotel or the likes of Blue Jazz Club, Bluesville or other Palma venues - take a look at this video which may jog your memory. It just goes to show the level of talent on view in Mallorca because Salvador, who wrote and sang the song, Amar Pelos Dois, with his sister made a really fine job of it.