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Mallorca Shopping: Zara

Zara Home moves home

new zara home shop

Hot off the press comes news that ends months, nay years of speculation about what is to become of one of Palma's fine old buildings situated in some prime shopping real estate. The magnificent old Telefonica building on the city's Paseo del Borne, known as the Golden Mile, is set to become the new home of Zara Home.

Rumours have swirled for a while now as to the fate of the building which once housed the kilometres and kilometres of copper cable that were required to make the old phone system work. Now redundant, the cables have been removed, the building renovated and put on the rental market by its owners.

Stories that it would be converted to a luxury hotel by a Norwegian investor have been scotched by news that the billonaire Amancio Ortega, founder of the Inditex group which includes Zara has rented the 1,400 square metre building for the new Zara Home. The present Zara Home store, which is in a rather ugly 70's tower block directly opposite Telefonica, will become a Zara Kids.

The acquisition means that Zara will have 4 stores on the incredibly expensive Paseo; Kids, Home, and Men's and Women's clothing in the recently renovated former Borne cinema, another magnificent building. As you can see from the Google maps photo I used, the area is an absolute pleasure to be in with its tree lined central square (oblong) dotted with the terraces of some nice bars and cafes and upmarket shops all around.

Don't miss a trip here if you are in Mallorca.

In related news, the Spanish high fashion and leather goods brand Loewe will be leaving its shop at the other end of the Borne, though currently there is no news on if and where they will relocate.