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Shuttle bus to Formentor

Private cars to be banned

vertiginous view from colomer

You may have heard about plans to prohibit private vehicles from going to a few of Mallorca's unspoilt beauty spots so that they remain exactly that, unspoilt. It's a difficult situation, as many people come to Mallorca precisely for just that; its pristine beaches and countryside.

Unfortunately the overcrowding situation has become more and more acute in certain places with cars blocking roads and causing potentially dangerous hazards to both pedestrians and other motorists. One place where the ban on cars is definitely going to happen is the final stretch of the Formentor road which links Puerto de Pollensa to the Formentor lighthouse right at the end of the mountainous peninsula.

Here's an extract from an article I wrote a while ago about the road;

“It owes its existence to the building of the Cap de Formentor lighthouse in 1863, right at the end of the peninsula in a place known locally as the 'meeting point of the winds.' For many years it was only accessible by sea, or a long winding donkey track, which can still be seen alongside the new Ma-2210 road built by the Italian engineer Antonio Parietti.

The 13.5 km road is a triumph of engineering skills by Parietti, who also built the road down to Sa Calobra, and both have some quite hair-raising hairpin bends and are favoured by both cyclists and motorists wanting to test their skills, reactions and stamina.”

These days it is terribly overcrowded with visitors to the lighthouse, beaches and Mirador de Colomer (photos) so the authorities have taken the decision to ban cars from 2018. Bad news for those who want to test their driving skills but good for anyone who may be a tad nervous of driving the route as a new shuttle bus service will be employed to ferry people back and forth along it.

Permission has just been given to build a special new bus station in Puerto de Pollensa for the buses which will pick up and drop off at 8 stops along the way including the mirador, Formentor beach and Cala Figuera. It'll cost €420,000 and will be ready for next year.

At present there is no firm plan as to how and from where cars will be prevented from accessing the lighthouse, so watch this space!

All aboard.