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Mallorca Magic Night

The fiery fiesta of San Juan

fire fest demons

Midsummer and the feast of St John the Baptist collide in a fiery fiesta of noise, excitement, fun, and a certain amount of danger as ancient Pagan rituals meet Christian belief head on. Yes, it's a religious fiesta, but mixed in are the old traditions of the countryside and agriculture where summer signalled a rebirth by fire as the field of stubble were burned after the harvest to make prepare them for the following year's crop.

These days the eve of the feast of St John is a raucous celebration involving noise, music and fire. Bonfires are built on beaches and in towns and people leap over the embers to symbolise new beginnings. More excitingly hundreds of demons come out to play, armed only with thousands of fireworks and kilos and kilos of gunpowder, they run amok through the gathered crowds spitting and belching flames, smoke and sparks!

Tonight, 23rd June, there will be celebrations all over Mallorca, so head for the beach wherever you are. In Palma the big firefest takes place at the Parque del Mar in front of the cathedral, where at 22:00 no less than seven demons associations; Trafoc, Enfocats, Kinfumfa, Realment Cremats, Endimoniats, Trabucats and Es Cau des Boc Negre (photos) will entertain the crowds.

Featuring 362 demons, drummers, fire breathing dragons and lots of noise courtesy of 130 kilos of pyrotechnic material and 4435 firecrackers they will almost literally unleash Hell! As you can see from the photos it's quite spectacular, and there is an element of danger from the sparks so wear cotton clothing which covers as much of you as possible if you plan on going.

Have a fantastic night!

Whoops, I forgot to mention, there's live music on at 22:30 when The Movida Band play after the fireworks.