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Mallorca shopping bargains

Let the summer sales commence

corte ingles sales

If you're after some nice new clothes then make a note of this date; 30th June 2017. That's the day when the summer sales start in Mallorca this year, a day earlier than originally planned so that the big national and international retailers can take advantage of the traditional Friday night shopathon.

It's not that long ago that the retail sector was strictly regulated as to when they could have their sales, which all had to start and finish on the same day. Since the rules were relaxed shops have been able to pick and choose their dates depending on the economic conditions and sales figures prevailing.

However, there are still loose rules as to the big sales dates and this year the official start was set at Saturday 1st July. However, Friday night shopping is a big tradition here in Spain when people finish work on the evening at about 19:30 with the weekend about to start, they stay in town, have a drink, visit the shops and chat with friends.

The big retailers like El Corte Ingles, Zara and the like decided that they would bring forward their sales to take advantage of this, so practically everyone else will be following suit. So if you're in Mallorca, head down to the shops to score a bargain in one of the big, or small, retailers.