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Roaming for all

No extra charges for EU roaming

vodafone roaming

If you didn't already know, new laws concerning roaming charges on mobile phones in the European Union come into force this week. From 15th June citizens of the European Union who use their mobile phones in another EU country will pay no extra for 'roaming.'

Whatever tariff you have on your phone for data, text messages and calls will apply wherever you are in the EU, so no nasty shocks after you've spent time downloading movies or listening to Spotify playlists.

Fortunately the phone companies here in Spain have been preparing for this day for a long while and have invested time and money into projects to increase the capacity of the 4G system in holiday hotspots like Mallorca. With an estimated 75 million tourists heading to Spain this year, predictions for high demand in areas of tourist affluence have rocketed.

The big telecommunications companies like Vodafone with its 'Project Spring' have increased the capacity of the systems so we should all be up to speed in Mallorca's most instagrammable areas this summer.

Photo from Vodafone UK