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Balearic Islands injured turtles

To Palma Aquarium, by ferry.

tangled turtle

These days zoos and aquaria are so much more than just a place to keep animals for the entertainment and amusement of humankind. Breeding and conservation programmes run concurrently with assistance to sick and injured wild animals on both sea and land in the more progressive zoos in the world.

Here in Mallorca, Palma Aquarium in Playa de Palma is the centre for help, treatment and recuperation of marine animals and treats mostly injured or sick turtles, dolphins and whales for the whole of the Balearic Islands. You may have seen the story of the terribly injured and disoriented shark which found itself along way from its normal habitat on a beach near Palma and was euthanised for its own good by the aquarium team.

Since 2014 when the programme of aid to marine animals started well over 100 have been treated and released back into the Mediterranean seas around the islands.

Now, an accord has been signed between the aquarium and the big ferry company Balearia, which runs routes between all four Balearic Islands to transport sick and injured turtles to Palma along with any staff who may be required to accompany them. They'll also transport staff and volunteers who are attending training courses, conferences or taking part in projects on the islands.

The problem is growing more and more acute over time as the turtles become tangled up in fishing nets or plastic waste or are injured by the propellers of the many boats which ply the waters, so many more are needing treatment.

I think this is a wonderful gesture by Balearia and a big help for Palma Aquarium which is, as one who's been, a brilliant entertaining and educational day out – let's face it who doesn't love a shark gliding silently and menacingly overhead from a secure vantage point in a reinforced transparent tunnel?

Learn more about Palma Aquarium on its website.