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Cabaret Maldito

The Circus of Horrors

cabaret maldito

Wow, what an evening this promises to be! Cabaret Maldito is a fantastic show which fuses circus with cabaret with song and audience participation courtesy of the aptly named Circus of horrors. It lands in Palma from 14th to 30th July and takes place in a big circus tent in the Son Fusteret showground just on the outskirts of the city.

It's a fantasy show hosted by the Devil himself, Lucifer, and a host of leather and basque clad cohorts with tattoos, tongues, contortionists, more leather, six packs, drag queens, six packs, stockings, roller skates and just for good measure, a dwarf. I think it's probably over 18's only if you're after tickets from €22 and up.

The loosest of plots is that the Devil is the master of ceremonies in an old Gothic cathedral where passion, licentiousness and fun converge in perfect harmony. Well that's good enough for me, but you could also take into account the cutting edge theatre, contemporary circus, and the wildest of wild cabaret in an exciting fast moving show where we all get to join in.

As the last time I went to the circus at Manchester's Belle View the clowns had buckets of confetti, I'm eager to see how things have changed with Cabaret Maldito. Click the link to buy tickets