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Charming Mallorca

Fiesta of Sant Pere

sant pere washing lines

Isn't it awful that so many tabloid column inches about Mallorca are devoted to the isolated events in a couple of resorts that make up an extremely small percentage of the entire island? Still, who wants to read about normal people having a completely happy holiday without the excesses of a small part of those two resorts?

Well just to redress the balance, here's a charming little story about the charming little town of Colonia de Sant Pere. On the eastern end of the Bay of Alcudia and part of the borough of Arta, it's a small settlement with a good selection of restaurants, a sandy little bay and close to some excellent natural beaches. It's popular with independent holidaymakers who hire villas and apartments built a little way out of the original town centre.

They're having their local fiesta at the moment, Sant Pere or St Peter is the patron saint of fishermen and the town certainly puts the flags out in his honour. Except this year, rather than adorn the streets with bunting, or those plastic streamers that are so popular all over Spain, they decided to hang out the washing!

Yes, with great communal gusto, everyone in the town strung out their washing, tshirts, bras, jeans, trousers and the likes in big zig-zags all across the streets of the town. Just look at the photos (taken by Juanito Moreno on the Colonia de San Pedro Facebook page) of the fiesta – doesn't it look fantastic?

What a great idea! Well done to the people of the Colonia.

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