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Flamenco at the castle

I Festival de Flamenco Castell de Bellver 

la chispa

There is an unwritten law that you can't come to Spain without seeing a Flamenco show and happily, this Saturday, there's a really good one in Palma which combines a spectacular venue with some of the best Flamenco artists around at the moment.

The Flamenco Cultural Association of the Balearics are putting on the first ever 'Bellver Castle Flamenco Festival' this Saturday, 22nd July at 21:30 in the marvellous circular auditorium, open to the stars.

The association regularly organises shows featuring musicians and dancers based in Mallorca but for this concert they've brought in two young but well known artists Anna Colom and Cristina Lopez who have performed all over the world with some of the most important stars of the genre.

They'll be joined on stage by our local Flamencan musicians who'll prove that a box really can be a musical instrument, and dancer Silvia Fernández 'La Chispa.' I love Silvia's nick, it means spark and electricians are commonly called chispas, though you can just imagine her causing sparks to fly when she hits the ground stamping. That's her in the photo.

Fancy going? It's a superb venue for a superb show and €18 will get you in if you pay on the door.

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