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The Gypsy Kings in Concert

Bamboleo and more in Palma

gypsy kings in concert

Perhaps the most famous Spanish band in all the world who are actually French will be playing just one concert in Palma during their current world tour. The Gypsy Kings achieved global fame in the late 80's when their third, and self titled, album shot into the charts and stayed there for months, a remarkable achievement for a Spanish language album!

The band are all from the south of France but sing in Spanish with an Andalusian accent thanks to their parents, Spanish ethnic 'Gitano' gypsies who fled Barcelona for France during the civil war. Their surname was Reyes (kings in Spanish) and the sons of the original emigrants performed in a band called Los Reyes, which they later changed to The Gypsy Kings.

Playing a mix of Flamenco, Rumba Catalana, and Salsa with lots of Pop influences the band became world famous and their best selling album became the soundtrack to a million meals out in restaurants everywhere. These days only two of the original members are still with the band, but they can still knock out their hits – Bamboleo, Djobi Djoba, Bem Bem Maria and A Mi Manera (My Way) – like nobody's business.

The concert is at the Son Fusteret pop up arena on the outskirts of Palma on 10th August at 22:00. Tickets cost €32, €50 or €80 and can be bought online by clicking this link – Gypsy Kings Tickets.

I bet you're already humming Bamboleo (it means to sway, or swing, or wobble in Spanish)