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Mallorca Seafood Fest

Porto Cristo XVII

porto cristo seafood XVII

All around the coast of Spain and its islands people celebrate the special day of the Virgen del Carmen, the patron saint of all seafarers. In the good old days seafarers were almost exclusively fishermen, but latterly, since the tourist boom, you'll find all manner of folk who make a living from the sea; water ski instructors, parasailing boats, pleasure craft, water taxis, glass bottom boats and so on all take part in the aquatic processions to lay wreathes on the sea in honour of their patron.

Over in Porto Cristo on Mallorca's east coast, there are several days of celebrations on at the moment with lots of activities happening and as usual, for the 17th year on the bounce, the town is putting on a seafood festival on the Sirena promenade by the sea.

The idea is to help promote tourism to the area by showing just how good its restaurants are by whipping up some gastronomic delights for all – both residents and visitors alike - to try. Obviously fish and seafood are the stars of the show, but attendees will also find lots of different desserts and treats including lashings of wine from the local bodegas in the Manacor borough.

It all takes place on Monday 17th July from 20:00 and is extremely popular. Literally thousands of people turn up to sample the myriad portions of food available, so be prepared to share a table with strangers who are soon to be your friends. All you have to do is buy the little vouchers to exchange for food which cost a mind boggling €2.50 (no wonder thousands turn up) and find a seat.

See you there and save some mussels for me!