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Mallorca souvenirs: Ducks deluxe

Rubber ducks r us

geek duck day

It appears that thousands of tourists in Mallorca are taking to the new souvenir craze like ducks to water since the opening of a new shop on Palma's via Sindicato. Mallorca Duck Shop (I think it's a franchise) does what it says on the tin and sells nothing but rubber ducks, and they're shifting like hot cakes.

Now these are no ordinary rubber ducks, as they're customised to suit the occasion; Mothers' Day, Geeks' Day, Einstein's Birthday Day, Mallorca DJ's Day, and so on. There are even some with a direct link to Mallorca itself with some typical island features – the Siurell Duck like the little white ceramic figurines with red and green spots or the Ensaimada Duck named after the deliciously light sweet pastry famous here.

The great thing about them is that they're small, cheap and easily put into a suitcase for the trip home – unlike those giant donkeys that were popular 40 years ago which woud be lined up on the tarmac under the plane hold waiting to be loaded. I wonder whatever happened to them?