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Extra virgin Mallorcan cocktails

Aperitif in the oil mill

ingredients for Aperitif in the oil mill

All will be revealed when I tell you that the association of olive oil producers in Mallorca who group together under the auspices of the 'DO Oli de Mallorca' publicise their wonderful product of pure liquid gold in some unusual ways. Thinking out of the box they came up with an annual cocktail made by the finest of Mallorca's mixologists which uses extra virgin olive oil as a quality ingredient for a fresh, Mediterranean cocktail.

Thinking about it, it's not a giant conceptual leap from adding an olive to a Martini than using the oil in a drink, is it? This year the group got Alberto Pons who won the young barman category at the 64th Balearic Cocktail Championship last year, and who works at one of Palma's revered coctelerias – El Barito in the Plaza de los Patines – to come up with an new creation.

His idea was 'aperitif in the oil mill' which was presented the other in evening in El Barito. The cocktail has a base of whiskey and orange liqueur which with the oil gives a soft and refreshing mix marked by the spirits and the orange, but with a pleasant, lasting aftertaste given by the subtle green herbaceous nuances of the olive oil.

Now, if that doesn't sound like a treat for the senses, then let me tell you that the Oil Barons also revealed the winner of their Oleotapa competition 2017 for the best tapa using olive oil – Ricardo Rossi's Tataki of beef with corn, tomato, carrot and emulsion of its marinade!

I'd give both of them a try, no problem. How about you? Sounds like a great way to get 'well oiled!' Here's my tip on holidays to Mallorca if you want to buy some of the island's really great oil – buy it in the airport. They have a really good selection of oils from different mills and the assistants really know what they are talking about. I always bring a good bottle back with me.