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Giant Water fight in Palma

Canamunt v Canavall

Canamunt v Canavall

Old rivalries dating back 500 years come to a head this Sunday, 3rd September, when the annual gigantic water fight between groups representing Canamunt i Canavall takes place in the Parque del Mar recreation space in front of Palma cathedral.

Back in the 16th and 17th century there was tremendous and often violent rivalry between noble families vying for economic and political power in the high and low parts of Palma old town – Canamunt and Canavall. Here in 21st century Palma these times are remembered and re-enacted in a big fiesta culminating in a gigantic water fight where around 3000 people will be involved using around 20,000 litres of ammunition!

It's a raucous, riotous affair and great fun to be in or just watch. The two groups organise themselves at 16:00 – Canamunt, the red team, in the Plaza de Sant Jeroni, and Canavall, in yellow, in the Plaza Drassanes before marching off to do battle at 17:00. Lasting about 50 minutes the water fight leaves everyone soaking wet but extremely happy.

Why not pop along to have a look on Sunday? My tip would be buy your emergency rain poncho now, as they'll probably be in short supply on the big day!

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