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Increased security in Palma

Concrete barriers 

concrete barriers in palma

In the aftermath of the recent Barcelona atrocity when a van mowed down innocent pedestrians on the extremely popular and populous La Rambla boulevard, Palma City Council (photo) has swiftly taken measures to prevent the same happening in Mallorca.

On advice from the Spanish Ministry of the Interior, they have placed extremely heavy concrete barriers at strategic points of the city which are normally thronged with pedestrians – both local people and tourists – enjoying a day in the city.

If you're in Palma you'll see them in the Plaza de la Porta Pintada, Plaza de España, Calle de San Miguel, and Palma's main stroll zone, the tree lined Paseo del Borne where many bars now have their terraces packed with holidaymakers.

It's an unfortunate, but necessary blot on the Palma streetscape, but one we'll have to learn to live with in these turbulent times of terrorist threat. What a shame.