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Mallorcan tortoises to Valencia

but will they breed like wildfire?

tortoises to valencia

News has been a bit slow in the local papers this week so I thought I'd liven things up with a short article about tortoises! Over on the mainland in Valencia, it seems that the native species – the Mediterranean tortoise – is in short supply, whilst here in the Balearics, where they are now legally protected, we have plenty.

You've probably already guessed that the answer to this little conundrum is for Mallorca to send a few tortoises to Valencia where they can be released into the wild and breed like wildfire to repopulate the area. That's exactly what happened last week when boxes and boxes of tortoises were sent to the peninsula.

Organised by COFIB, the Consortium for the Recuperation of Fauna in the Balearic Islands, 336 tortoises were packed off to the land of the Paella. Menorca sent 150 and Mallorca 186, of which 82 were female and 104 male. Hmmm, the boys better get their skates on if the want to participate in the breeding programme!